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Leadership, Facilitator and Coach

A Social Entrepreneur with wide experience of running enterprises, I give you an imaginative, wide thinking approach with a ”feet on the ground”, practical understanding of systems and processes. Key areas are Coaching and Facilitation for your Personal or Organizational Leadership, and Community Building, incorporating the arts as a vehicle for expression and development.

Hospitality & Retreats

June is now living in North Wales with 2 acres of land and holiday accomodation.

The Honesty Pot

A book about the Pierian Centre



Coaching is unique to each person, and is time committed to focus entirely on your issues, your development and your life journey – be it personal or work focused. Coaching supports you in finding ways to live fully the life which you want and work out practical solutions to issues you face. I help you to identify aptitudes ranging from practical or physical skills to intellectual, creative, spiritual and emotional skills.  I work with you to find  balance in your life so that you have energy for all those skills.



Facilitation provides an objective, supportive space for everyone to be heard and seen, increasing understanding between people. It helps organisations and individuals to make positive impact in their work and provides bridge building across boundaries and hierarchies at every level of a company and in every walk of life. I have worked widely across sectors, in every size and at every level of a company, and offer a selection of methods and tools to explore issues and conflicts which you want to resolve.

Leadership Challenges

Leadership Challenges

I founded and led the Pierian Centre, a social enterprise which served the wider community of Bristol for a decade. As it’s leader, I facilitated the development of community in the workplace. Such Leadership is a mix of influencing, guiding, demonstrating values and serving all to achieve the overarching purpose of the organization. People take care of each other and encourage others to be the best they can. I will work alongside you to build this style of community building leadership, creating lasting, positive impact.

Values and Principles

When we are loved and respected and work with optimism and hope, we achieve the impossible!

Incorporating the arts as a vehicle for expression and development to give voice to the unheard and visibility to the unseen.

Creating lasting and positive impact for all in our leadership sphere

Everyone is remarkable in this world, and we are capable of much more than we believe and infinitely more than the people around us often allow us to be.

The purpose of any organisation is the only reason for its existence – an overarching purpose which gets everyone working collaboratively for something more valuable than simply their personal gain.

When we find our wisdom through our beliefs and principles, work from the heart, and take care of everyone in our world, that world becomes a place of collaboration and changing paradigms, full of friendship, achievement and compassion.

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