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“There is no greatness where simplicity, goodness and truth are absent.”

June Burrough CV


June combines her vision and leadership qualities with a shrewd business sense and reliability to deliver to target, and it must be obvious that she brings her considerable energy to whatever she undertakes. She demonstrably is able to undertake projects large and small but, alongside, she takes the time to listen, mentor, counsel and encourage

It is difficult to describe succinctly June's breadth of activities especially as Founder Director of the Pierian Centre. Her vision and leadership enabled her to train and encourage her staff and extensive volunteer team to create and run a unique environment focussed on the needs of many others. They — individuals and groups of many interests and ethnicities — were enabled to bring out (often unexpected) opportunities from their own and their shared situations and to use these to open up new and enriching possibilities and aspirations. June succeeded at the Pierian Centre and in her work more widely across Bristol in providing a supportive springboard for a rainbow of enterprises to develop their own potential

June has always been hugely understanding and empathetic about me and my life and work situations. She combines this with an ability to analyse the information I give her and pick up key issues that need my attention and focus — her judgement and skill is unerring in cutting through lots of words and descriptions to the really important life and personal issues. June does this without any moral judgement or preconceptions about me or my life and makes it very clear that her primary concern is always for my wellbeing and progress. I have always been surprised by how fully she comprehends the complex work situations that I have and her grasp of these has been hugely helpful to me. June brings a creativity and freshness of approach to her work and is able to both challenge when needed and suggest novel and pragmatic ways to look at situations and find ways forward that are really helpful and really do work. June always ensures that there is a great environment for her clients through stopping interruptions, having lovely rooms available and supplying high quality drinks and gorgeous biscuits — these all help myself as a client feel nurtured, cared for and important. She has a strong identity and personality herself, but this never gets in the way as she truly puts herself at the service of her clients through giving generously and attending fully. June‘s vast experience of arts and community ventures means that she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to all discussions.

Your input has pushed me on to the next stage with confidence and strength and clarity.

You were brilliant. It was great to watch you working again ' you turned all those worried people into open and sharing humans in no time flat. Really inspiring to see.

Very many thanks for your skilled facilitation and thank you for your support. It was a somewhat formidable event given my lack of knowledge about most of the participants.

The Pierian Centre has been an amazing experience one that I am sure I will never forget. Working with a team of qualified, friendly people on such a big project was new to me. I enjoyed handling all my responsibilities as well as the slight chaos from time to time, being thrown in the deep end and having to fend for myself in order to solve the situation. It has made me a stronger and better person and I am sure these particular qualities will help me in the future.

Thank you for creating and holding a beautiful space for our workshop — which has been immeasurably improved by being held here at the Pierian Centre.

By the way it's always such a delight to phone The Pierian Centre because of the way people speak on the phone — it‘s always an uplifting experience.