The Honesty Pot

HonestyPotCoverA book by Nick Thomas with June Burrough: The Honesty Pot poses the question: can we live as full human beings in the modern world?

Ludlow Fringe Festival Thursday June 25th 2015.

Author, Nick Thomas with June Burrough (Founder Director of The Pierian Centre) discussed using the arts to build communities and increase awareness. 

Event Location was at
Ludlow Library
7-9 Parkway

Everyone attending will received a free copy of the book. There will be a retiring collection for the event and Music for All, Zimbabwe.


For those who did not know the Pierian Centre in Bristol, it was a 10-year experiment in living and working that sprang from the vision of one woman, but grew to touch the lives of thousands. Its relevance and the achievements of its founder, June Burrough, are explored in a new book, The Honesty Pot, by local author Nick Thomas. In this special book signing event for the book by Nick Thomas on June and the Pierian Centre, the two of them will debate what the centre did as a social enterprise, and how the use of the arts as a vehicle to give voice to the unheard and visibility to the unseen became increasingly important.  There will also be readings.

The Honesty Pot is the inside story of the Pierian Centre. From its base in St Pauls, it grew to play a leading role in movements like Abolition 200, City of Sanctuary, and the European Year for Combating Poverty & Social Exclusion, but all its work sprang from one source: from the vision and values that June absorbed from the people she met on her journey through life. The book traces the influence of her early years, her working life, the people she has loved, and the community she found herself living and working amongst.

Two strands are particularly important in the way they shaped the character of the Pierian Centre. June’s first career was in theatre, rising to become Company Stage Manager at the Bristol Old Vic – and the teamwork, discipline and sense of purpose she experienced there became a model for how she would run her own business. The second strand was an encounter she had in Australia, when Aborigines in Arnhem Land adopted her into their community and shared with her a life connected to the environment, to the past, and to their fellow human beings.

The centre was a challenge to business, individuals and to the society we shape and that in its turn shapes us. It aimed to re-integrate work and leisure, bring communities together, and promote humanity above the profit motive. It asked: can we live as full human beings in the modern world.

June Burrough started the Pierian Centre in 2002 as a centre for training and self-development – expanding it over the years into a Conference centre and busy focus of community development. She is a Social Entrepreneur with wide experience of running enterprises, recently moved to North West Wales to live. 

Public Relations Director at The Pierian Centre, Nick Thomas had followed the family tradition in becoming an actor and writer and setting up his own theatre company in Bristol,  Show of Strength, which produced several of  his plays. He is now writing his first novel.  Visit his website.

Everyone attending will receive a free copy of the book. There will be a retiring collection for the event and Music for All, Zimbabwe.

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