“There is no greatness where simplicity, goodness and truth are absent.”

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“I would like to offer support to people looking to make a positive impact in their world.”

February 2013 Fidelis Mherembi talks about his vision of Music For All Zimbabwe

February 2013 Fidelis Mherembi talks about his vision of Music For All Zimbabwe

January 2013 Matirige Marimbas 2 – the first Music For All Zimbabwe School

January 2013 Matirige Marimbas – the first Music For All Zimbabwe School

Gifts from England – June Burrough’s second visit January 2013

Matirige school play Mbiras

Matirige school play Marimbas after only 4 weeks of lessons

Matirige school play Marimbas after only 4 weeks of lessons

June Burrough CV


Mentor, Coach and Facilitator
Leadership and Business development

A freelance Facilitator, Mentor, Coach and Leadership Consultant with an MSc in Management Development and Training

With 20 years of business consultancy, 10 years directing The Pierian Centre (a social enterprise in the heart of Bristol) and 9 years of theatre management, my innovative and personal style of individual and group facilitation uses theory and methodologies combined with a creative range of activities driven by clients’ needs. Whether Personal Development, Management Learning, Organizational Growth or Leadership Development, the outcome is to implement new courses of action which maximise potential opportunities for the individual or the organization. It is key to my work that people find their own solutions and actions which best serve their vision and purpose. As co-author of ‘The Honesty Pot’, I give presentations focusing on Leaders of Tomorrow – the place of heartfulness and social purpose in creating leaders whose role is building community spirit in their work places.


2011- present – Freelance Facilitator, Mentor and Life Coach for Leadership

  • Part of tutor team on University of Bristol MSc in Strategy, Change and Leadership, facilitating ACL sessions with new students.
  • Associate, Barchester Care Homes Mentoring and Coaching for Leadership.
  • Co-director, Music For All Zimbabwe, bringing music to rural schools.
  • Presenter on Leadership at MSc in Public Health, UWE.
  • Sat on Shadow Board for Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine CIC in Bristol.
  • Touring ‘The Honesty Pot’ to promote Social Enterprise philosophies.
  • Bristol representative for the School for Social Entrepreneurs to May 2015.
  • Other varied contracts with organizations and individuals
  • On committee which devised Code of good practice for governance of CIC’s [ Full details ]

2002 – 2011 – Founder Director of The Pierian Centre www.pieriancentre.com

Directed and grew a social enterprise serving the wider community of Bristol, with a team of 11 people, putting into practice the consultancy work from the previous 20 years! The Pierian Centre lived its values on a daily basis, achieving major successes in its decade, delivering impact on community cohesion and social inclusion in Bristol, much through Cultural and Arts projects. My role as a National Ambassador for EY2010, the European Year for Combatting Poverty and Social Exclusion, introduced me to amazing projects and social enterprises around the UK.

1992-2002 – Freelance Mentor, Coach, Facilitator and Business Consultant

Working as a coach and mentor in Business and Individual development, designing and directing courses for Management and Leadership development, facilitating Boards and Senior Management teams in Business Planning, running Action Centred Learning, and Associate Consultant to a number of corporate Organisational Development arms.

1991 -1992 – 20 months travelling in Australia

The best Self-development course ever and an inspirational experience!

1982 – 1991 – Freelance Mentor Coach Facilitator and Career Consultant

Career Change Mentoring.
Training Director for Outplacement Company (JMS).
Rewrote the entire programme for courses for those served redundancy notice. Recruited new tutors and Project Managers, designing and running training and development programmes. Supported teams in on-site Job Shops.

1973 -1982 – Stage Manager and Theatre Administrator

Discovered the value of team working and discipline at theatres such as the Bristol Old Vic. Managing a Theatre company and the attendant challenges is based on strong project management skills. It has demanding hours and the show is the absolute focus of the whole team. Success is measured by the professional standards of the show and the audience reaction. The roots of my future ways of working were put down in this era.

Portfolio of subjects

  • Leadership skills – Management Development – Team Building Counselling and Debriefing skills for Managers
  • Organizational Development and Business Planning – Managing Change
  • Facilitation & Action Centred Learning
  • Coaching and Mentoring skills
  • Continuing Professional Development and Life Planning
  • Personal Effectiveness – Influencing others – Coping with Change as individuals and keeping balance in life
  • Presentations and Motivational talks

Style and process

My style encourages people to think through situations, explore what might be going on for others involved, and to invest in time to make informed decisions. It also involves challenging habitual attitudes and behaviours, requiring time to allow for changes. Individuals or organizations arrive at their own solutions with commitment to those solutions because they have analyzed the benefit and value which their actions will bring, and explored how to put those into place. It results in a willingness for people to take on control and power responsibly and productively, and become more confident and assertive in their communications.

Continuing Professional Development, and taking time to develop ourselves through mentoring or coaching, I see as an essential part of a working year. CPD by its nature involves Change and Learning which can be exciting and also challenging. Changes which we do not choose ourselves can be uncomfortable, creating anxiety and stress. In such circumstances, people often need a forum in which to explore future possibilities or rediscover their self-esteem and confidence. Managers and Directors might need to explore a situation with an “outsider” – someone who can take an objective view of what is happening, and support them through making changes both in themselves and in those they work with. Group reviews often use an Action Centred Learning process.

We all have far greater potential than we imagine to grow and change, and to learn new ways of doing things which can improve our lives, working practices and relationships. The underpinning structure is to help individuals and groups better define who they are, what skills they have, what is their creative source, and how they can maintain and improve their relationships and working practices , by better understanding their own and others’ values and beliefs. It aims to encourage people to celebrate differences in each other, rather than fight or condemn them.

Different methodologies of arriving at solutions might involve talking, walking, drawing, imagining, reframing and restorative process. All these techniques have been developed from 30 years of experience working with individuals and groups at all levels in a variety of companies, ranging from Chief Executives, Directors, Managers and Team Leaders to individuals at a cross roads in their life. They incorporate elements of NLP, Transactional Analysis, Active Listening, Action Learning, Mindfulness, Heartfulness and much more. The process which an individual/organization goes through depends entirely on their needs and concerns. Meetings are at a frequency which suits them, and, in between sessions, they have access to me on the phone or by email.


  • MSc in Management Development & Training – Bristol University 1998
  • Diploma in Management Development and Training – Bristol University 1997
  • Diploma of Education (Drama & Mathematics) – Homerton College, Cambridge 1973
  • Skills of Participative Learning – LGTB 1987
  • Start Your Own Business Course – Bristol University 1982

Interests/other involvements

Keeping fit, cooking and social eating, cinema, theatre, walking, swimming, Social Justice, the Arts, Music, Cultural events, reading and being with people!

Fellow of the RSA


“June combines her vision and leadership qualities with a shrewd business sense and reliability to deliver to target, and .. brings her considerable energy to whatever she undertakes. She demonstrably is able to undertake projects large and small but, alongside, she takes the time to listen, mentor, counsel and encourage.”

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